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Auto Services

Best American Tire & Auto Center is more than just a Tire Shop. We are Automotive Expert you can trust and count on us. Best American is committed to provide North California with a one stop shop for all automotive needs. We do this because we have highly qualified staff with best possible equipment and training. Best American is proud of our dedicated staff.

Computer Diagnostics

We carry all the latest computer equipment which helps us resolve all of your “Check Engine” problems. We perform general server repairs as well as more complicated computer diagnostic repairs. Our State of the art diagnostic tools and qualified staff allow us to track all of your automotive needs.

Tires and Wheels

Auto Maintenance

Breaks are critical for your vehicle’s performance and your safety. So it’s important to know how they work, and when they need maintenance. Best American will help and make sure your breaks fuction properly at all time
Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the position of the wheels relative to your car. When properly aligned, the wheels point in the right direction.
Without proper alignment, the wheels resist your steering commands, as well as each other. Alignment also affects gas mileage and tire wear. If your tires are pointed in different directions, they fight against each other and can cause tread wear
Wheel Balance
Wheel balance refers to the proper distribution of weight around a revolving tire and wheel assembly. Poor wheel balance can have a marked impact on both your car and your safety.
Tune Up
Auto tune up is really important to keep you vehicle health. Dirty filters and old plus suffer you car performance your car start losing power, decreased gas mileage and it harm your engine.

Shocks & Struts
Wheel Alignment helps you keep moving straight ahead, while a maintained suspensions system keeps you from bumps. Best American will help you maintain the safe and smooth ride possible.

All Kind of Tires


All Major Wheels Brands Breaks & Drums
Tire ratation/ Tires Oil Change
New ?Used Tires Fluids Change
Custome Wheels Tune Ups
Low Profile Tires Fuel 1njection
Wheels Repairin Check Engine Light
  Belt and Hoses Replacement
  Fuel Injection
  Shocks / Struts
  Air Filters
  Computer Diagnostic
  Timing Belt
  Steering Alignment

Maintenance Services

    Oil Change
    Change is good
    Oil keeps your engine running smooth and cool, stopping the heat caused by engine friction from melting parts. It works best when changed every 3,000 miles
    Happy engines work harder.
    copy: 'A scheduled tune-up makes the most out of your engine, ensuring easy starts, better gas mileage, lower emissions and restored power.
    Stay cool when it’s hot.
    To keep your vehicle as well as you and your passengers cool on the road, have your A/C system checked at the beginning of the warm season.
      Handle the heat
    Your radiator is the engines cooling system. Keep it working right by maintaining proper fluid levels and scheduling regular fluid changes
    Keep things in line
    'Keep your car driving straight and true, and your tires from wearing out before their time.
    Check it out for free
    It’s important to conduct proper and periodic inspections of your vehicle’s major operating systems. We offer free courtesy checks every time you visit
    Satisfy your vehicle’s needs
    Your vehicle has unique needs. View your vehicle manufacturer’s service recommendations with a few simple clicks – just sign up for My Wheel Works.

Repair Services

Stop and think.
It’s all about performance and safety. Make sure you know how your brakes work, and when they need maintenance.
Get straightforward advice.
Keep moving safely ahead with proper steering alignment, and avoid unexpected bumps with a well-maintained suspension system.
Start right now
Your battery helps start your engine, while your alternator keeps your vehicle running on the road. Make sure both work properly to keep moving forward.
Keep cool under the hood.
When your vehicle’s temperature needle rises, it’s pointing out the need for a detailed inspection of your heating and cooling system.